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A real-time window into your patient's post-acute recovery.

The most cost-effective high-impact solution to take controll your SNF length of stay, connect seamlessly to your community physicians and MSO's, and create consistent outcomes and quality throughout your entire SNF network.

Reduce Costs & Improve Quality

Evolv Health allows health plans, ACO's, and MSO's to align workflow and expectations with their post-acute networks, all while providing innovative tools and resources to remove the waste ingrained in the traditional nursing home model of care. Our services can either be a bolt-on to your existing SNF care management/UR efforts, or we can manage the entire SNF segment for you.

Enhanced Utilization Review

Eliminate delays in care planning created by once-a-week Utilization Review meetings with SNF staff. Our care management teams now have a live feed into your patient's SNF recovery, and review custom progress reports 2-3x per week.  

Review progress more frequently

Flag & comment on updates to alert SNF staff

Customized progress reports

Electronically issue Last Covered Days during progress reviews

Real-Time Last Covered Day alerts automatically send to SNF staff

NOMNC is automatically sent to SNF case managers

Data on a Touch Pad

Real Results

Our clients have reported an amazing increase in quality and drastic impact on unnecessary utilization of costly healthcare services.

SNF Days


Most MSOs don't realize there is $900-$1,800 of waste in every SNF admission, due to inefficient processes and lack of oversight.

Patient Satisfaction Increased


99% of patients surveyed on the Evolv Health process reported an exceptional experience and confidence in their recovery!



Increasing the quality of the transition process has reduced our clients' post-discharge rehospitalization rate by 49%.

PCP Engagement


The SNF is no longer a black hole! Every PCP is notified upon admission and aware of recovery progress and discharge plans.

Centralized Transitional Care Platform

Evolv Health controls the entire discharge planning process for every SNF within your network. This level of engagement creates predictable outcomes for your patients and providers, and allows for immediately scalable operational enhancements and post-acute innitiatives.

Removing all discharge planning tasks from the SNF's workload gives their case managers more time to spend bedside care planning with your patients. They can now focus 100% of their time on rapidly progressing your patients through their in-patient recovery goals!

Strategy & Consulting

Evolv Health's post-acute exports will join your team of population health experts to assist with Post-Acute Network Performance Reviews, Preferred Provider Network Alignment, SNF Workflow and Operational Expectations Meetings, and Primary Care Engagement.

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