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Automate Your Discharge Planning Tasks

Cut your Social Workers daily workload by


No more setting up Home Health or DME

No more fighting with fax machines and phone calls

No more chasing down scripts and documentation

Put their focus back in front of the patient.

The Gold Standard in Transitional Care

Expert care coordinators

Each building has a dedicated team focused solely on coordinating all of the patient's discharge needs. Once a discharge plan is confirmed, their work is done. The Evolv Health Coordination team seamlessly takes over patient communication, Home Health and DME set up, and PCP engagement, as well as all of the post-discharge follow-up and customer feedback collection.

Home Health


Outpatient Rehab

Private Duty Nursing

Patient Follow-Up Calls

Primary Care

Appointment Scheduling

Long Term Care

Technology focused on efficiency

Evolv Health's proprietary technology Sensys streamlines your entire discharge planning process. With a few taps, the patients discharge planning is complete, and your care team and attending physicians are automatically notified and have portal access to view all of the upcoming discharges and live updates.

Mobile Discharge Plan Entry Portal

Automated Attending Physician Alerts & E-Sign Script Portal

Centralized Facility Discharge List

Autogenerated Social Services Discharge Plan Note

Customizable Discharge Surveys

Real-Time Coordination Status Updates

Value-Based Strategy and Consulting

Evolv Health provides to your organization a dedicated value-based expert who assists with the development and management of the program’s operational design, care expectations, physician engagement, preferred network development and alignment, performance management, and expansion opportunities. Our strategist works collaboratively with partnering providers and perform regular data reviews to ensure defined performance expectations are being followed in accordance with program goals and design.

Consistency & Accountability with Every Discharge

Reduce Costs & Improve Quality

Enhance your engagement during each patient's stay by eliminating your time spent coordinating discharge services.

Minimize negative operational impact during staff turnover

Reduce internal costs by decreasing staffing needs

Adhere to referring provider's preferred agency preferences

Eliminate interruptions by directing Home Health marketers to us

Measure outcomes through your own performance data

Allow your Social Service team to refocus on higher-impact areas

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